Monday, October 1, 2007

Mouse mats and Desk Mats

Coasters are possibly one of the most cost effective ways of promoting your company.

They provide a good sized advertising area but are also really useful so they stay on your customers’ desks for a long time with your corporate details always in view.

There is now all type of standard mousemat varieties including the hardtop and crystal armadillo as well as some of the more visually interesting such as the lenticular and aqua coasters. These entire mouse mat coasters can be screen printed or four colour processes printed.

The original mousemat has come a long way in the last few years. From a simple printed textile top mouse mat we now have as many different varieties as there are of candies in a sweet store- well almost.The original size mouse mats have grown to offer A3 and A2 sizes, now called desk mats or counter mats respectively.

Within these sizes you can also custom shape the mats, your designer’s imagination can explore the possibilities offered by these bigger than usual mouse mats. The usual methods of printing can be used, both screen print and four colour process.

The Hardtop mat, the Armadillo mat, the Softmat™ mats, Aqua Mats and See Through mats can all be produced in standard sizes up to 595mm x 420mm but sizes larger than this are possible too.

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