Monday, April 30, 2007

What is mats and coasters ?

Maybe you’ve been wondering, what a bizarre name for a site...

Well it does seem so, but then most "niche" sites are quite bizarre.

Since there is a lot more information I need to obtain before I really get started, I am leaving the site as it is for the time being, until I get myself organised.

However, the hardest part is over... getting a niche product.. as there are literally tons of subjects to choose from.

People are interested in a variety of things – from cunning stunts to stunning c****

Never said that... but unfortunately that's how the market responds..

Although you don’t have to necessarily pick something you’re interested in, it really helps in the long run.. We ould more likely to do a better job at building your site when you have some interest in the subject matter as some subjects are more interesting than others.

So let me get the house in order... until then toodles..